Protect your Hands, Save your Back and Shoulders for Massage Therapists

18th May 2019

Doing massage is very hands-intensive. This day focuses on ways of saving your hands, particularly your vulnerable thumbs and wrists - the areas most at risk in massage. It also covers the main principles of using your body effectively to support what you do with your hands.

5 CPD Points

The information and practices covered are designed to help every massage practitioner to maintain their career. They are of particular importance for practitioners with small, slender or hyper-mobile hands. 

The morning emphasises learning:

  • which techniques need to be used sparingly or avoided altogether to protect your thumbs, fingers and wrists;
  • alternative strokes that are most effective with the least strain on your hands;
  • and helpful principles such as using the strongest parts of your hands for applying pressure, and, whenever possible, using your other hand to support your working hand.

The afternoon focuses on:

  • saving your back by how you position and move your body;
  • using your body most effectively to deliver power to your hands (rather than relying on and overusing your shoulder muscles)

Note: This workshop focuses on looking after your hands in those parts of a massage session in which you need to use them. It's also important for massage practitioners to learn to work 'hands free' (using your forearm and elbow) in order to save your hands as much as possible.


Course Hours:
10am to 5pm
Holiday Inn Express,
Lakeside Drive,
NP10 8BB
Course Tutor:
Darien Pritchard